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Best Tools to Remove Stains, Watermarks, and Residues from a Tapware

Best Tools to Remove Stains, Watermarks, and Residues from a Tapware

One of the easiest ways to determine the cleanliness of a home’s interior is the condition of the kitchen tapware. In other words, the kitchen and bathroom tapware is the common sell-away points that anyone can hardly hide from. Unfortunately, when you may know how important it is to keep them clean, you may struggle to keep up with the demands, especially during other cleanings. Another factor that may make this task relatively tricky is the frequency of use of these items. 

So, have you ever thought of cleaning your taps and then postpone them? Have you found a tough time with cleaning your tapware? Are there substances you tried using for cleaning tapware before that failed? How often should you clean your tapware? Have you been overwhelmed with how much energy and time cleaning your tapware requires? Do you even know how some of the dirt accumulates on the tapware and if you can prevent them?

This article answers these questions in the best way possible. The intention is that you may discover new ways to approach tapware cleaning. You may identify some of the toughest dirt you are contending with and the tools you need to remove them. So let s go through it steadily and systematically. Perhaps, we should start from the simplest of all.

Where does dirt accumulate the most on your tapware?

  • Dirt accumulation by touching the knobs. The more we connect the knobs when using the tapware, the more dirt will likely gather on them over time. Also, as the ground collect, if there is no habit of cleaning immediately after use, they may remain over time. Even when you clean after each use, the air also gathers dirt on the moving parts. 
  • Limescale accumulation. The accumulation of limescale, a chalky deposit that is relatively hard, made of calcium carbonate. This dirt also accumulates on the filter of the tapware, and it could cause the flow of water to reduce overtime
  • Accumulation of grime on the sink. Certain areas on the tapware that are harder to clean may also accrue dirt that may be harder to clean. The collection of these grime stains can be faster when the environment is moist. 
  • Tap containing hard water stains. We know that hard water contains some mineral deposits that can conveniently sit on surfaces from our knowledge of elementary chemistry. When this hard water runs continuously on the surface, it may leave magnesium and calcium deposits that appear in the form of brown stains. 

Natural cleaning ingredients for your tapware

When we discuss the cleaning habits at home, we may not always find the chemical ingredients around to use. However, even when the ingredients are available, we hope may see some of these natural items more usable. Therefore, let us consider some of the natural ingredients that can help deal with this dirt instantly.


Lemon is beneficial in reacting with an accumulation of limescale that contains calcium carbonate. Unfortunately, while the limescale causes obstruction of water flow through tapware, it causes further problems down the drain. But a cut of lemon can be handy to deal with the situation when put gently on the calcified area. 

The steps involve allowing the lemon to stay atop the area for a few hours while the lemon dissolves the calcification. After then, you can use a scrubber or brush to remove the loosened calcified layers. Alternatively, you can put the lemon juice on the scrub pad and scrub it directly on the stained surfaces. This method can also be effective in removing stains.

Dish soap

If you don’t have any other materials or unique solutions around you while dealing with tough stains on tapware appliances, use the dish soap. Someone is asking, ‘will it also be as effective?’ wait and see. The first thing to note with this method is that you have to start early as soon as you notice the tapware begins to look dull, worn, and unattractive. At the same time, the accumulated stains can be removed if you gently apply a liquid dish soap with warm water. At the same time, after washing off, remember to clean with a dry cloth. 


Another solution to accumulated limescale on top of your tapware is the application of vinegar, usually white vinegar. The first step is to take equal quantities of white vinegar and dissolve it in warm water. Now, dip a piece of clean cloth into the mixture and clean off the stained parts. If the stain proves too hard to remove in an instant, simply wrap the dipped cloth around the stained part and leave it for a while. 

After an hour, you can remove it and try to scrub it off again. You can follow the same process to deal with rusting before reapplying the coating or outer layer. A critical part of the process is wiping the surface clean after applying the solution to prevent rusting. Furthermore, you can also use the vinegar solution to clean up any tapware that looks too dull. 

Baking soda

The last natural element we will mention among the cleaners is baking soda. Perhaps, not the conventional one you would expect, but it has proven to be true. When you get a nasty stain on the tapware knob or any part of the appliance at that, apply baking soda to it. After the application, you can scrub it all away with a brush. You may be shocked at how soon the stain will disappear with the right amount of baking soda. 

Summary of the method of cleaning and maintaining tapware components

Below is a step-by-step general approach to cleaning tapware appliances.

  1. Get a soft clean cotton cloth, sometimes moist if applicable, at the beginning. Then begin to gently wipe the surface with the material. Generally, avoid the use of sponges, stiff brushes or fibre cloths
  2. Use a mild citric acid-based cleaner to remove any limescale stain. Avoid spraying the cleaner on any part of the tapware directly. Instead, apply the solution to a cloth and then use the material to clean the stained part
  3. Whenever you apply any solution, natural or not, unto a stained part, leave it off for some time that the expected reaction may occur. In some cases, you simply have to leave the moist cloth there, and at other times, you just continue to rub it on. 
  4. After cleaning, remember to always rinse off the surface with clean water
  5. If the stain remains tough, repeat the processes from the top
Do’s and Don’ts of Cleaning Colored Tapware (A Full Guide)

Do’s and Don’ts of Cleaning Colored Tapware (A Full Guide)

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