Summer Camps

We are so excited for our upcoming Kids Summer Camps! We are planning fun new projects this year so get your kids signed up, only 6 spots per session!

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New Class Ideas

Hey there!

We have been updating our classes lately and want to get your ideas on classes that you'd like to see offered! What have you been wanting to make? What techniques or stitches have you wanted to learn? See something you liked on Pintrest but no clue how to do it?

Let us know what you want to know!

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Home Craft-space

Adriana here, recently I’ve been organizing my personal craft space and I always find it helpful to look at other people’s craft spaces for inspiration. From small spaces to huge, I am always amazed at the varieties of style infused within each space. Do you have a sewing/crafting room, shelf or closet? If so, feel free to send us photos and/or tell us about it. We’d love to see your workspaces and hear your stories!



I think that this workspace is really cute. It’s small yet everything has its place and look at those owls, adorable!

Image source can be found here.



I love this vintage craft space. So bright and friendly! I’ve totally got my eye on that clock and turtle painting!

Sewing/craft space from Simplicity magazine in 1972.




This workspace is also bright and happy, an important attribute, especially if you have a small workspace!

Image from Yellow Songbird




Since my personal craft-space isn’t so much of a space, but a table that I set up when I’m going to do work and a small space in my closest for materials, the idea of having a closet with so many organized items is great.

Image source can be found here.





So beautiful and organized!

Image from Raising Up Rubies.



I hope that you enjoyed looking at these beautiful studios as much as I did!


Wishing you a wonderful weekend,




Passion for Spoonflower

Hiya, Adriana here, if you haven't heard of Spoonflower yet, check it out!

I can spend hours perusing the beautiful patterns and even more time thinking about the perfect pattern for the project that I am working on. Have you ever had that feeling of going to the fabric store with a specific imaginary pattern in mind? Then you get to the store, and alas it's not there! Spoonflower is a great solution to that, if you can illustrate it or take a photo of it you can have fabric that looks like that.


Here are some of my favorite Spoonflower patterns:


I've wanted to make a dress with this image for the longest time, maybe this summer will be the ideal time for this project! Orion by kategabrielle




I think that this pattern would make an excellent lizard costume. aztec armor by spellstone



I love this cutout pattern for a child's apron, so fun! Owl Be Darned by ceanirminger.


I think that this pattern would be great for pillows! patterned leaves by bethan_janine.



I'm not sure what I would use this for, but I think that kooky mutant animal illustrations are fabulous! vintage ephemera zoo by ravynka


What are your favorite patterns on Spoonflower? What projects does your summer have in store? Let us know!


I hope you're all having a great weekend,




Pin Cushions 

Every sewer knows the importance of keeping their pins stuck, made of fabric, rather than on the floor and then into someones foot. It's happened to the best of us. Why not update your pin cushion with these cheerful handmade beauties? Check them out here!