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Silkscreening Class Inspiration: Satsuki Shibuya

Currently head-over-heels over Satsuki Shibuya's silkscreened goods. So charming and perfect for brightening up your everyday life.

Most people in our Silkscreening classes print onto the t-shirts that are included in the silkscreening class fee, but seeing Satsuki's work makes me want to bring in a big piece of linen to print on! Imagine what you could make...tea towels, cloth napkins, a cute accent pillow for your living room. Love it. Most people aren't familiar with the process of silkscreening, but we're more than happy to answer your questions if these beautiful pieces are inspiring you to try yourself! You can also see my post here to observe one of our silkscreening classes in action.


{Images of Satsuki Shibuya and her work by Dabito of Old Brand New}



Silkscreening Classes at Common Thread Studio

I (Charissa) had the pleasure of observing my first Silkscreening class at Common Thread Studio. It's an amazing process! We offer our Silkscreening class every month on a Saturday, and recently interest has been picking up. Guest instructor Harry Diaz has extensive printmaking experience and is featured in the book Screenprinting Basics...but he's also very approachable. Here, he and a student look over some of his past printmaking work.

Students come with a design printed in black on a transparency. We also have designs here to work with if you're mostly interested in learning the process.

Students learn how to make a custom screen using photo sensitive emulsion and UV light.

Here, Jeongwon and Harry line up her screen for a test print. Each student gets practice pulling ink across the surface of the screen...

then they print their shirt! Students can bring their own tote or shirt to print on if they like, but a t-shirt is conveniently included in the price of the class.

This class will give beginners a solid understanding of the basics of silkscreening from start to finish! There was a lot of note-scribbling as students drilled Harry on the best kind of supplies to use and what would be needed to set up a darkroom at home.

Our next class is coming up on Saturday September 17th. If you've always dreamed about seeing your own designs on a t-shirt or have been looking for a place with the specialized equipment to silkscreen, this is your opportunity!